Looking back on World MS day

On this year’s World MS day, May 30, the global MS community shared their stories online to create awareness for everyone affected with multiple sclerosis. Contributing in a virtual way, the MS Center Amsterdam showed their patient stories, research projects and information on cognition in short videos. This resulted in a lot of inspiring and educational material that needs to be seen.

Videos for World MS day
In the week around World MS Day on May 30, the MS Center Amsterdam published two patient stories, including the story of Marinus Moolenburgh who got infected with COVID-19. In addition, research videos on the Next MS project, lipids in MS, Project Y, and how to stop the progression were shared online. Also, a series of videos by cognition researchers addressing the mechanisms of cognition, the cognitive problems and therapies were explained. Via this mean the researchers want to continue their dialogue with the MS patients. All the videos are recommended and are available via zonderms.nl/onderzoekers.

About the MS Center Amsterdam
The multidisciplinary MS Center Amsterdam is a reliable source of scientific research into all aspects of MS by a team of experts ranging from basic researchers to radiologists and neurologists. The key theme, 'Facing MS progression' aims to generate knowledge on the underlying mechanisms of progression of MS and to identify and validate of clinical, radiological and biomarker predictors of MS disease progression. The center has an excellent international reputation and is one of the top five MS research centers in the world.

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