Knowledge sector takes major step forward in new approach to recognising and rewarding academics

Today, the VSNU, NFU, KNAW, NWO and ZonMw are publishing the position paper ‘Room for everyone’s talent: towards a new balance in the recognition and rewards for academics’ in which we indicate how we aim to more broadly recognise and reward the work of academic staff. This includes placing less emphasis on the number of publications, and a greater emphasis on the other domains in which the academic is active, such as education and impact. This broader form of recognition and appreciation is better suited to the current core tasks of knowledge and educational institutions and what society requires of these establishments.

As Jeroen Geurts, head of the Department of Anatomy & Neuroscience at location VUmc and a prominent Amsterdam Neuroscience affiliate says: ‘This is where we really start to put things in motion. The academics of 2030 will be interdisciplinary networkers who collaborate with numerous colleagues on a central problem. We need many different talents to achieve this, whom we will now truly acknowledge and appreciate.’

Read more on the website of the VSNU.

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