Joep Killestein has been appointed professor of Multiple Sclerosis at the Department of Neurology, Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc

Professor Killestein’s research focusses on developing a) dedicated clinical intervention protocols aimed at individual MS patients, b) the use of biomarkers to predict and monitor disease activity, progression and response to disease modifying therapy and c) biomarkers to predict and monitor adverse effects of disease modifying therapy in MS.

The vision of his research is perfectly embedded in the Research Program Neuroinfection and – Inflammation of Amsterdam Neuroscience, where he also acts as program leader, together with Matthijs Brouwer (location AMC).

The aim of this research program is to conduct clinical and translational research of international distinction, in parallel with compassionate and innovative care of the highest quality. The focus of the research is on multiple sclerosis and as such Prof Killestein will coordinate all MS research at the location VUmc, in particular in collaboration with the other members of MS Center Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Neuroscience congratulates him on this appointment!