Frederik Barkhof: building bridges between disciplines

The Lancet Neurology publishes a profile of Frederik Barkhof.
Article written by Jules Morgan.

The early academic journey of Frederik Barkhof was a winding one. As a child he was fascinated by the engineering of buildings and bridges, but then crossed over to study dentistry—“which was a mistake” (a bridge too far, presumably). He next stopped to study at the intersection between philosophy and medicine, until he landed at VU University (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) where he received his MD in 1988. Combining his love of engineering and medicine, Barkhof is now a neuroradiology professor who shares his expertise with both VU University Medical Centre and University College London (UCL, London, UK) and brings decades of experience and knowledge, particularly in MRI techniques, to translating novel imaging techniques from engineering technology to clinical applications. Using MRI and PET, his principal research is in diagnosis and therapeutic management of white matter disease and neurodegeneration, predominately in multiple sclerosis and dementia.

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Source: The Lancet Neurology, published on line: 22 March 2018

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