Do you share the ambitions of the Imaging Center Amsterdam?

The Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine of the VU Medical Center Amsterdam (VUmc, ) is a center of excellence in MRI and quantitative PET imaging, development of MRI and PET methodology and imaging data processing and analysis. In addition it has world-class experts for radiochemistry, radiopharmacy, and hybrid preclinical and clinical anatomical and molecular imaging. On average 80-100 research projects are executed simultaneously, supported by grant funding or industry sponsorships. Currently up to 80 PhD students are trained within the department in addition to 30 postdoctoral researchers. The department has strong connections with VUmc clinical departments, predominantly Neurology, Oncology, and Cardiology, and has a worldwide network of research collaborators. The multidisciplinary research of the department is shaped around 8 full professors, who all have their independent research groups but collaborate intensively to achieve highly successful scientific and societal output. With the further strengthening of the neurology care, research and education at the VUmc side, within the collaboration VUmc and Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC), there is currently a position for a

Full Professor of Clinical Neuroradiology.

As a full professor you have a leading role in the neuro-head-neck section of the department. The department works for a long time closely together with the VUmc MS Center Amsterdam, the Alzheimer Center, the Center for Childhood White Matter Disorders and the Brain Tumor Center Amsterdam. Clinical care is embedded in the section neuro-head-neck radiology, which provides highly specialized care within aforementioned fields as well as for ENT-radiology. Intervention neurology will be served by the affiliated AMC side. The neuroradiology research of the department is embedded in the VUmc/AMC research institute Amsterdam Neuroscience ( ), while the facilities of radiochemistry, radiopharmacy, and preclinical and clinical imaging are being relocated to be housed together in the new VUmc Imaging Center Amsterdam, that will be ready in 2019.

The ideal candidate should comply to the following profile:

  • An accreditation in radiology, and preferably a PhD in clinical neuroradiology
  • A strong track record in MS and/or Alzheimer disease
  • Experience in the initiation, exploitation and implementation of advanced MRI technology
  • A strong scientific profile, including publications in highly ranked journals
  • A strong track record in acquiring research grants and in project management
  • Experience in working within a multi-disciplinary environment
  • Experience in supervising PhD students from various disciplines
  • Excellent (multi-disciplinary) communication skills, also within public-private partnerships


If you want information about this position, please contact Prof. dr. A.B. Brussaard, chair of the appointment advisory committee and Scientitic director of the alliance research institute Amsterdam Neuroscience, at telephone number +31(0)20-5987098 by e-mail:

You can apply till the 9th of January 2018 by sending your application plus a full CV to, and cc this to

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