Diederik van de Beek acquires Vici grant for pioneering new treatment for bacterial meningitis

Prof. D. (Diederik) van de Beek, neurologist, principal investigator and well known for his role as co-director of Amsterdam Neuroscience got awarded with a 1.5 M€ grant for his Vici research proposal. The main topic of his research focusses on bacterial meningitis, which is a life-threatening brain infection. He and his team are investigating novel targets of treatment that have been identified and against which therapies have to be developed. We congratulate him and his team on this achievement.

About Diederik van de Beek: DvdB is a neurologist specialised in neurological infectious disease and the principle investigator of the neurologic infectious diseases research group at location AMC. He studied medicine at the university of Amsterdam and finished his PhD thesis entitled “Bacterial meningitis in adults” in 2004 at the same university. After finishing his neurology training he spent a year in the Mayo Clinics, Rochester, Minnisota, USA studying neurological infections in transplant patient and experimental meningitis. Following his return to the AMC he received research grants from the Dutch organization for scientific research (NWO) and the European Research Council (ERC) to continue his meningitis research.

His research: In a translational, bench-to-bedside approach Van de Beek unravels cause and effect in neurological infectious disease ultimately aiming to develop new treatments and prevention strategies. His research primarily focuses on three areas of research including bacterial meningitis, infections in stroke patients and delirium in sepsis patients. Meanwhile Van de Beek has published over 200 papers in international scientific journals including the New England Journal of Medicine, the Lancet and Journal of Clinical Investigation, with close to 9.000 citations.