Arne Popma winner of the Societal Impact Award 2019

Arne Popma, child- and youth psychiatrist, has received the Societal Impact Award 2019 for his work at @ease. @ease is the Dutch version of the successful Australian initiative Headspace. With this award, Amsterdam UMC has been rewarding people who are successfully transferring scientific research to society.

Foto: Xander Remkes Foto: Xander Remkes

With the ground-breaking initiative @ease, Popma helps young people with a diversity of problems. Adolescents who have psychological problems or want to talk to someone about the problems they are facing, can visit @ease without an appointment. Because the organization is fully run by volunteers, the conversations are without costs. Incidence funding and donations are the foundation for the organization.

Interested in @ease or would you like to donate? Visit their website here.

Source: website APH

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