Anouk Schrantee, Wouter Peyrot and Marianna Bugiani receive a Veni grant

Amsterdam Neurocience congratulates them with their Veni grant for their reserch on:

The brain’s response to medication: zooming in with pharmacological MRI

Dr Anouk Schrantee – Radiology and Nuclear Medicine AMC

The exact brain response to psychotropic medication is difficult to investigate using regular brain scans. In this proposal a new method will be developed to zoom in on the activation of brain cells during psychotropic drug administration. This method will advance treatment monitoring and the development of psychotropic medication.

What causes depression?

Dr Wouter Peyrot - VU - Psychiatry

Depression is a heterogeneous disease whose causes are poorly understood. Recently, new statistical methods were proposed to identify causal factors based on genetic data. This project investigates the reliability of these methods, and investigates whether the identified causal factors can aid in identifying clinically relevant patient subgroups.

The blood-brain barrier in Vanishing white matter: filling a knowledge gap

Dr Marianna Bugiani - VUmc

Astrocytes on trial. Genetic white matter disorders destroy the brain white matter and cause handicap and death. Astrocytes (type of brain cells) maintain brain health, but little is known about their role in these disorders. My research suggests that astrocytes are central. This I will study in detail.

Source: Website NWO.