Annual Report 2017

We are proud to present the second annual report. Facts and figures are a benchmark for the coming years. But more important at this time is the story telling of our researchers. Hence, an extensive outline of remarkable events and highlights of our institute in 2017 is included. Enjoy reading!

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Download the pdf version of the Annual Report 2017.

Facts and figures:

  • With 135 principal investigators in addition to faculty, residents, postdocs and including 479 PhD students the ensemble ‘community’ of the alliance institute Amsterdam Neuroscience presently includes 1025 investigators.
  • They acquired a total of > 49 M€ in conditional funding during 2017. This included two VIDI grants and two ERC grants. In addition, in 2017 Amsterdam Neuroscience invested ~ 3.5 M€ in proof of concept project, alliance and innovation projects.
  • In 2017 a total of 1321 refereed articles were published with 129 papers in the highest impact journals (impact factor > 10) and another 331 with a solid impact factor (> 5 <10)
  • Of these 1321 unique papers, 141 papers had ‘shared’ co-authorship (i.e. ‘bi-location’ affiliations) and ~ 55% were in open access journals.
  • The nine research programs are all vital in their research output and research quality, despite differences in their historical trajectories.
  • Highlights included a number of appointments to full professorship (Charlotte Teunissen, Eric Reits and Rob de Bie), inaugural lectures (Liesbeth Reneman), the 2nd Annual Meeting of Amsterdam Neuroscience and the coordination of 3rd Transnational Neuroscience Network (TN2) meeting.