Annual Meeting 2017, award winners and jury reports

During 2nd Annual Meeting of Amsterdam Neuroscience (see 2nd Annual Meeting) we selected 10 award winners for best poster (per research program) and best Pecha Kucha presentation.

The 2017 winners are (left to right on the photo):

Brain Imaging: Axfjord, Egill
“The winner really took his analyses to the next level, was able to present the results clearly both on the poster and during his pitch, and had a very clear view how this project fits in the rest of his PhD”

Complex Trait Genetics: Philip Jansen
“The poster we selected did not only stand out because of the unprecedented sample size (>1.3 million human participants!) but also because of the fresh lay-out, modern presentation of the data, and the enthusiastic and well-substantiated further elucidation by the author.”

Neurotechnology: Laura van Huizen
“The Neurotechnology award goes to a visually attractive poster showing how higher-harmonic generation microscopy has the potential to outcompete current histological imaging in clinically relevant settings. Importantly, the team showed that their previously acquired PoC funding has resulted in a new spin-off company, Tritos Diagnostics BV.”

Brain Mechanisms: Sophie van der Spek
“Well presented research project, and her multidisciplinary methods symbolize the translational nature of Amsterdam Neuroscience”.

Neurodegeneration: Sara Hijazi
“ Elegant series of different experiments using electrophysiology, Morris Water Maze, and therapeutic intervention, to proof that dysfunctioning parvalbumin neurons play a major role in Alzheimer’s disease. Well presented and very enthousiastic.

Neuroinfection and inflammation: Kin Ki Jim
“A perfect example of translational research, from genetic association to a knockout in vivo model”

Neurovascular Disorders: Adrien de Groot
“There were 19 posters from the research team neurovascular disorders. The winning poster described a simple but highly innovative approach of the Time=Brain concept aiming at further expiditing endovascular treatment of acute ischemic stroke in daily clinical practice, which will certainly have a huge societal and clinical impact.”

Compulsivity, Impulsivity and Attention:  Esther Visser
“The poster was presented with great enthusiasm. The jury was impressed by the innovative approach and elegant design of the experiments. Study is an important first step in understanding why some neurons in our brain are thinking about alcohol all the time.”

Mood, Anxiety and Psychosis:  Leonidas Faliagkas
“Great translational value; multilevel analysis (from synapse to behaviour), nice layout and well explained poster!”

2017 Pecha Kucha award: Sophie van den Berg (Neurovascular Disorders)
“Her talk was a clear Pecha Kucha presentation, relying mostly on pictures but matching with the content, it was accessible for a broader audience, and perfectly timed!”