Amsterdam Neuroscience is looking for a business developer

VU University medical center (VUmc) and Academic Medical Center (AMC) have merged their research institutes into eight so-called Alliance Institutes. For one of these Alliance Institutes, Amsterdam Neuroscience, we are looking for a dedicated business developer.

Working at VUmc the dedicated business developer will be based at Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA), the expertise center of AMC, VUmc, VU, UvA and HvA in which these five institutes have combined their knowledge transfer offices. As member of the IXA Office VUmc-Neuroscience team, the business developer will serve the VUmc part of Amsterdam Neuroscience, the largest neuroscience institute in the Netherlands, which combines VUmc’s and AMC’s innovative neuroscience research and clinical care in many brain diseases.

For all information about the business developer position and applying for it, see the VUmc website .

For more background, see also the Industry Alliance Office website.