AMC and VUmc to merge following legal approval

Amsterdam,  September 6, 2017 - Two leading Dutch university medical centres, Academic Medical Center (AMC, University of Amsterdam) and VUmc (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), both based in the Dutch capital, will merge in the course of 2018 following the granting of legal approval yesterday.

The Dutch anti-trust authorities announced the intended merger will fully respect freedom of choice for patients and others stakeholders in the Dutch healthcare sector. Jointly, AMC and VUmc will employ over 17,000 associates and serve over 500,000 patients per annum, generating annual revenue in excess of € 1.7 billion and turning the combination into one of Europe’s largest university medical centres.

Commenting on the receipt of legal approval for the merger, the joint Board stated: ‘By teaming up, AMC and VUmc will further enhance healthcare in The Netherlands, as well as improve scientific medical research and the education of young people as they become researchers, general practitioners or medical specialists’.

Jointly, AMC and VUmc operate eight research institutes, prominently positioning the combination in the fields of neurology, oncology, cardiology, obstetrics, emergency medicine and social healthcare, amongst others.

In 2016, the European Union acknowledged AMC and VUmc as Expert Centres for over 40 rare diseases.

The centres are intensively intertwined within the Amsterdam area, which is increasingly investing in health and biomedical enterprises. By 2025, the city aims to have added on average two healthy years to the lifespan of its citizens.

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