2018, Open Call for Grant proposals for research on Huntington’s Disease

The Campagneteam Huntington (CTH) opens a call welcoming grant proposals for fundamental, innovative scientific research on Huntington's disease (HD). The primary goal of these applications is to further clarify the neurobiological causes and mechanisms of HD. Overarching goals should be to find, accelerate or develop therapies aimed to prevent, delay or cure HD. Ideally, focus will be on strategies aimed towards lowering mutant protein levels, e.g. by reducing its synthesis or accelerating its degradation, but topics related to other relevant aspects of (aberrant) protein aggregation will be considered too, provided its relevance for HD is made clear.

Applications are accepted from scientists working at Dutch scientific institutions, hospitals or universities. Applicants must have proven expertise relevant for their planned studies and research experience with neurodegenerative diseases, such as HD.  Researchers are encouraged to use novel, original and challenging approaches focusing on disease prevention and/or treatment. Also 'high risk, high gain' approaches are allowed as long as the expected benefits and feasibility can be clarified.

Types of grants
Budget can be requested for salary and supplies. CTH awards 2 types of grants;

- Standard grant; a maximum of € 250.000.
This award is intended for a PhD (4 years) or postdoctoral (3 years) position, including bench fee. Overhead will not be funded.

- Pilot grant; a maximum of € 50.000.
This award is intended for shorter, generally proof-of-concept or pilot studies aimed at addressing a more challenging but potentially promising approach, or for an extension of a current project directly relevant for HD.

For the 2018 round, CTH will work with a two-stage procedure; first, a brief Letter of Intent (LOI) is submitted, that will be peer reviewed. A selected number of applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal, which will then be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and external experts. Based on these scores, proposals will be ranked and the board of the CTH will then select the awardees.

Read more about the procedure: http://campagneteamhuntington.nl/wat-huntington/open-call.


  • Call for proposals opens                                                                    mid April 2018
  • Submission deadline LOI                                                                  June 1st, 2018
  • Pre-selection of LOIs, invitations for full proposal                 July 1st, 2018
  • Deadline for full proposals                                                                30 September 2018
  • Final decision                                                                                          18 November 2018
  • Anticipated start of project                                                              January/February 2019

LOIs have to be submitted to: opencall@campagneteamhuntington.nl
Link to the Form Final CTH open call LOI

The information is also only at: