How it works

Shaping a business collaboration through IAO in general follows a four-step process:

  1. What problem does a specific pharma or biotech company have?
  2. Does Amsterdam Neuroscience have a specific ‘solution’ to that problem?
  3. Does Amsterdam Neuroscience have experts in the field who are interested to collaborate?
  4. What is the business model for the collaboration?

Companies typically support research programs or projects through a master service research agreement. The process starts with a discussion between one or more Key Opinion Leaders of Amsterdam, IAO business developers, and the company’s scientific team to shape a project plan. Once a scope of work and budget are agreed upon, the IAO will work with the company to put a research agreement in place. In short:

  • IAO acts as system integrator, a one-stop-shop where custom research services and clinical trial guidance can be made available to industry
  • The focus is on disease biology, preclinical proof-of-concept of an intervention, biomarker research, brain imaging, and clinical trials
  • Access to large patient cohorts, in-house biobanks and the underlying infrastructures all located in the Amsterdam region