How it works

  • The IAO operates according to a one-stop-shop model: ability to offer tailor-made services from preclinical up to clinical phase III;
  • The focus is on exploratory biology, clinical expertise, biomarker research, compound validation and brain imaging;
  • The services include access to biobanking, clinical validation (first-in-man clinical trials, PET imaging et cetera), contract research and early discovery (explorative neurobiology and consultancy services);
  • The IAO offers a one-stop-shop for all research activities from explorative biology and preclinical collaborative research up to clinical phase 1, 2 or 3 studies;
  • Access to large patient cohorts, in-house biobanks and the underlying infrastructures all located in the Amsterdam region.

Companies typically support research programs (or projects) of specific interest to them through a research agreement. The process starts with a discussion between one or more KOL-researcher(s) and the company’s representative(s) to arrive at a mutually agreeable scope of work and budget for the contemplated project. Once the project design and cost are agreed upon, the Industry Alliance Office can work with the company to put an agreement in place. If intellectual property is developed in the performance of the project, the company will have an opportunity to secure a license to that intellectual property. Indirect cost may apply to sponsored projects.

The Industry Alliance office has a successful track record assisted by the clinical validation of drug concepts and clinical compounds during both early preclinical as well as in advanced clinical stages of development, for biotech and pharma. Both major pharma and midsize biotech companies have commissioned integrated projects with us. In doing so, the IAO has acquired over €10 million  in contracts over the last 24 months.

The Industry Alliance Office website of Amsterdam Neuroscience can be found here: Industry Alliance Office