Clinical Trials

The alliance research organization Amsterdam Neuroscience will integrate existing trial groups from different therapeutic areas within the Neuroscience departments into a newly-formed structure: The Amsterdam Neuroscience Clinical Research Unit (Amsterdam Neuroscience - CRU). This unit provides support and know-how for investigator initiated as well as industry sponsored clinical trials. The emphasis is on rigorous, academically informed experimental medicine capitalizes on our extensive clinical and academic facilities, and allows us to undertake a broad range of research from first-in-man studies to large national and international multicenter clinical trials and cohort studies. Streamlining the process of taking therapies from bench to bedside will be key focus of Amsterdam Neuroscience - CRU. The scope of the CRU is to design, conduct and report in both early and later phase clinical trials and cohort studies in neuroscience. We focus in particular on development pathways and the evaluation of new health technologies in pharmaceuticals, particular in Alzheimer disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuroinflammation, stroke, and neurosurgical and interventional procedures (including deep-brain stimulation and acute treatment of stroke), but also on biomarkers to refine treatment strategies.

The Industry Alliance Office website of Amsterdam Neuroscience can be found here: Industry Alliance Office