ABC Lecture: Isabelle Peretz
24-10-2017 16:00 24-10-2017 18:00 REC M 1.02, Roeterseiland Campus

Speaker: Isabelle Peretz (BRAMS, Dept. Psychology, University of Montreal)

Title: Neurobiology of congenital amusia

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The last decade of research has provided compelling evidence that musical engagement is a fundamental human trait, and its biological basis is increasingly scrutinized. In this endeavor, the detailed study of individuals who have musical deficiencies is instructive because of likely neuro-genetic underpinnings. Such individuals have “congenital amusia”, an umbrella term for lifelong musical disabilities that cannot be attributed to intellectual disability, lack of exposure, or brain damage after birth. I will present key points that have emerged during recent years regarding the neurobiology of the disorder, and will focus on singing in particular.

Isabelle Peretz, PhD, Department of Psychology, University of Montreal International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research (BRAMS)

Website BRAMS – Isabelle Peretz

Host: Henkjan Honing