2nd Meeting of the of the Society for CSF analysis and clinical neurochemistry
07-06-2018 09:00 08-06-2018 17:00 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The "2nd Meeting of the Society for CSF analysis and clinical neurochemistry" takes place in Amsterdam on 7-8th of June! In this meeting we aim to bring together students, PhD students, post-docs, senior researchers and clinicians involved in all aspects of in the search for biomarkers for various neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases, including dementias, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Registration and abstract submission are now open! The deadline is April 15th 2018. Details can be found on our webpage (www.neurochem.info).

 State of the Art lectures, Laboratory standardization, Clinical implementation – plus - novel biomarker candidates, Novel technologies, Poster session, Data-blitz presentations

Program and registration information will soon be available: http://www.neurochem.info/html/home

On behalf of boardmembers: Kaj Blennow, Lucilla Parnetti, Markus Otto, Charlotte Teunissen