Graduate training affiliated with Amsterdam Neuroscience is implemented as follows:

  • Accredited Research MSc programs of Neuroscience(s) at both Universities: for VU/VUmc see here, and for UvA see  here;
  • Onderzoeksschool Neurowetenschappen Amsterdam-Rotterdam (ONWAR - PhD Graduate School): here;
  • AMC PhD Graduate School program: here;
  • VUmc PhD Portal: here. VU and VUmc PhD-students of Amsterdam Neuroscience can obtain a copy of the Rules and Guidelines regarding  the Amsterdam Neuroscience Training and Supervision Plan VU/VUmc by contacting the office of Amsterdam Neuroscience  at VU/VUmc.

All regulations and forms to be filed (including the so-called Training & Supervision Plan (TSP) forms are found on the respective websites).