Director's Office

The Director's Office of the Amsterdam Neuroscience of Amsterdam UMC provides leadership and administrative direction
to the institute and consists of the director Arjen Brussaard, co-director Diederik van de Beek and their Office Team.  The directors oversee the science, the strategy, the policy towards infrastructures and collaborations within the institute. The
directors of all research institutes assemble in the Amsterdam Research Board of Amsterdam UMC and report directly to the deans of Amsterdam UMC, the Vrije Universiteit and the University of Amsterdam.

 Arjen Brussaard - Director Arjen Brussaard - Director
Diederik van de Beek - Co-director Diederik van de Beek - Co-director

The director’s office organizes e-newsletters, scientific meetings, lectures and master-classes, and annual retreats for both senior and junior researchers. External communication is aimed at explaining the importance of the research for the public at large with the aim to both spread knowledge and acquire funds.