At the start of 2017 (on January 12) Arjen Brussaard en Diederik van de Beek, directors of Amsterdam Neuroscience, featured in a video impression presented by Hans Romijn (the new dean of AMC) as a showcase of the excellent progress that has been made. To start the video, click on the photograph.

Shown below is a video impression of art project commissioned by Amsterdam Neuroscience at the occasion of kickoff event (Oct 6, 2016). The project was entitled (Un)focussed. The art performance director was Ivo Bol and the performers move the lasers on the screen with their EEG-headsets live on stage.

Marloes Groot features in Quantivision-based project funded by Amsterdam Neuroscience
Quantivision, a collaboration of amongst others Amsterdam Neuroscience investigators, aims to revolutionize the future of clinical practice, by enabling better, faster, and more affordable diagnosis and monitoring of patients. Their developments will focus on clinical usefulness. As developments will be based on clinical needs, progress will be driven by a “clinical pull” rather than a “research push”, making sure that results of iQ are relevant for daily clinical practice. Here Prof. Marloes Groot on one of the Quantivision projects that was funded by various agencies including a Proof-of-Concept grant from Amsterdam Neuroscience.