• Scientific Advisory Board:the new network organization has an internal scientific advisory board (SAR)
  • Quality Control Committees: since projects are executed in distinct faculties on campus, each faculty in Amsterdam has its independent quality control committee (CWOs) for either Medical Research or Biomedical Research (AMC METc, VUmc CWO-Amsterdam Neuroscience, VUmc METc, VU FGB VCWE):
  • Research Code: a joint Research Code was established on behalf of the Executive Boards of the Academic Medical Center (AMC) and VU University medical center (VUmc). The Research Code applies to all units operating within the AMC and VUmc organization. This Research Code provides a framework to guide researchers in living up to the values of independence and integrity. It provides and introduces the main issues on the different topics, and where useful or necessary refers to further readings. By making clear which conduct is expected and considered effective, this Code hopes to contribute to an atmosphere of openness and a culture where doing research is an enjoyable and productive experience. The contents of this code can be found on the page of the Research Code VUmc-AMC. On this website you can also download a pdf of the code;
  • PhD Committee: the central objective of the PhD Committee is to facilitate a high quality supervision of - and education for - the PhDs’ of Amsterdam Neuroscience in order to train the next generation of excellent researchers. The PhD committee is responsible for reviewing the ‘Training and Supervision Plan (TSP)’ that is designed and signed at the beginning of each PhD project.