Amsterdam UMC cancels CWO pre-test on WMO-obligated research

The board of directors of Amsterdam UMC decided on 27 May 2020, in accordance with the advice of the Amsterdam Research Board, to cancel the previously required CWO pre-test for research complying with Dutch law on Medical Research in Humans. The CWO pre-test was required for research at location VUmc. This decision follows a pilot held within the research institutes Amsterdam Neuroscience and Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences over the past year that concluded that the CWO is no longer of added value in the current situation.

Legally heads of department and PI's will remain primarily responsible for quality and feasibility of research proposals and research proposals always have to be in line with the main strategy of the affiliated alliance research institute, i.e. Amsterdam Neuroscience. In case of doubt, please consult with the research program leaders of the research program of interest before a clinical research proposal is filed for METC application.

How to submit as of now

As of now, all ‘WMO-plichtig’ research protocols from Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, should be submitted directly to the METC. For more information visit the VUmc METC website. Protocols from location AMC should follow the standard procedure, for more information visit the METC website (intranet) of location AMC.