Neuroscience research in the Amsterdam region is a high profile knowledge industry aimed at understanding the functioning of the human brain, the peripheral nervous system and their disorders. We perform integrated basic, translational and clinical research in order to improve our understanding of the human brain and nervous system in health and disease.

Understanding healthy brain function aids the development of a wide variety of innovations needed to eventually apply these to study neurological, neuroimmunological and neuropsychiatric disorders. This will allow early diagnosis and prevention of such disorders and gives guidance to clinical trials and related research programs in collaboration with the industry.

To reach these objectives the two academic medical centers and both universities in the Amsterdam region have joined forces to study the brain and nervous system function and disease mechanisms through an integrated approach. This initiative is vested on a long tradition in basic and translational neurosciences, however in recent years the scientific excellence of neuroscience in the Amsterdam region has developed to an extent that is unique in the Netherlands. All research activities of Amsterdam Neuroscience are essentially interdisciplinary and include the newest theoretical, methodological and application paradigms currently available.