'Prevention and Treatment of Osteoarthritis in the Lower Limbs'
27-11-2020 16:00 27-11-2020 17:00 Zoom Meeting

How can we prevent and treat Osteoarthritis in the Lower Limbs? And what are interesting developments in the treatment of it? Speakers: Liam Paget (Orthopedics, location AMC): From Ankle Injury to Ankle OAArjan de Zwart (Amsterdam Rehabilitation Research Center / READE): Resistance training in knee osteoarthritis: high or low intensity? Organisers:  Marike van der Leeden PhD, (Rehabilitation med., location VUmc / Amsterdam Rehabilitation Research Center/READE); Vincent Gouttebarge PhD, (Orthopedics, location AMC). Board members Musculoskeletal Health Research Program, Amsterdam Movement Sciences. Date: November 27, 2020, 16:00 – 17:00. Zoom Meeting:  link. Passcode: .iE433.