Amsterdam UMC & COVID-19 Research event
03-12-2020 12:00 03-12-2020 14:00 Online meeting

Right from the start, the coronavirus outbreak profoundly affected the daily practice of Amsterdam UMC. These past months can be described as out of the ordinary, demanding incredible adaptive power, creativity and perseverance of all Amsterdam UMC personnel, which has led to unorthodox collaborations between researchers and clinicians.

Program 3 December 2020,

  • Welcome by Desiree Hoving, science journalist and talk show host
  • Brief interview with Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
  • Part 1 - Conversations on acute COVID-19 research with co-host Prof. Joost Wiersinga
  • Part 2 - Conversations on translational COVID-19 research with co-host Dr Matthijs Brouwer
  • Part 3 – Conversations on cohort, medical rehabilitation and public health with Prof. Brenda Penninx
  • Closing remarks by deans of Amsterdam UMC Prof. Hans Romijn and Prof. Chris Polman


Anthony Fauci – Joost Wiersinga – Bregtje Lemkes – Marije Bomers – Martin Grobusch – Heder de Vries – Hua Shi – Alexander Vlaar – Diederik van de Beek – Sanne de Bruin – Hugo van Willigen – Godelieve de Bree – Sara-Joan Pinto-Sietsma – Harald Jorstad – Nils Planken – Jurjan Aman – Esther Nossent – Jan Prins – Marja Boermeester – Carl Puylaert – Jonathan Coutinho – Yigal Pinto – Matthijs Brouwer – Rutger Koning – Ludo Beenen – Saskia Middeldorp – Eva Roos – Bernadette Schurink – Paul van der Valk – Britt van Keulen – Hans van Goudoever – Anno Saris – Alex Schuurman – Tom Reijnders – Oliver Chen – Marit van Gils – Karlijn van der Straten – Rogier Sanders – Brenda Penninx –Jonne Sikkens – Marike van der Schaaf – Juultje Sommers – Hans Knoop – Karien Stronks – Liza Coyer – Maria Prins – Martijn Beudel – Paul Elbers – Michiel Schinkel – Edgar Peters – Lucas Fleuren – Anne Eskes – Sophie Renckens – Judith van den Besselaar – Maarten Schim van der Loeff – Hans Romijn – Chris Polman

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