The research executed in Amsterdam Neuroscience relies on excellent research in major Neuroscience areas. Investigators of Amsterdam Neuroscience coordinate or participate in major European research programs. In addition major patient and human subject cohorts (Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, meningitis, stroke, NESDA, Helius, and Netherlands Twin Register) and major research infrastructures are already available (or in the near future), including the VUmc Imaging Center, the biobanks, the IPS center, the animal facilities and more. Alliance partnership between VUmc and the KNAW has previously already made available the Netherlands Brain Bank (NBB), which through the launch of Amsterdam Neuroscience will be merged with other Human Brain collections available in VUmc and AMC.

The collaborations of Amsterdam Neuroscience will take place given a wider context of other collaborations, both in Amsterdam, with other Dutch institutions and abroad. The new organization should not compete with or discourage these other collaborations enhancing opportunities for large and ambitious projects. Campus and Regional partners include: