Instead of the annual TCS Amsterdam Marathon we can now offer you a free ticket for the virtual run 2020!

The cancellation of the regular edition does not stop us from running together. In your own environment, separated from each other, but with one shared mission: to accomplish your running goal. Of course, nothing beats the real finish in the Olympic Stadium, but this is your chance to determine your own finish line and celebrate your achievement. At home with your family and friends and online with runners from all over the world with the special Virtual Run app.

You can choose one out of three distances: the TCS Marathon, the Mizuno Half Marathon or the TCS 8K. Starting as of October 18th, you have till Sunday 25 October to complete your chosen distance. Your finish time can be registered with the special Virtual Run app, including useful tools to personalise your virtual experience.

Since Cancer Center Amsterdam has been the official charity of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon that also applies to this virtual run. That is why we can offer you free tickets for the Virtual Run app. Please let us know at  you like to join as well.

We run together for research at Cancer Center Amsterdam. We would love you to join the fundraising part as well through register at Pifworld and ask family and friends to sponsor your virtual run.

For more information please contact Linda Kooter at

Team Cancer Center Amsterdam,