The benefits of ORCID for researchers

ORCID is a unique personal number that allows researchers to easily and automatically connect their research information across a wide range of online databases. You can think of ORCID as the academic equivalent of your passport: It ensures other research systems and services know who you are and what you have done. Amsterdam Public Health encourages all researchers to create an ORCID account and/or connect your account with your Scopus author ID.

What are the benefits of ORCID?

  • Eliminate any ambiguity regarding your name and its variations across academic bibliographies and repositories.
  • Saves time: an ORCID synchronizes your profiles across the web and simplifies publishing and funding applications.
  • An ORCID remains with you throughout changes in your career stage.
  • Improves the discoverability and accuracy of (academic) output.
  • Improves your personal Amsterdam UMC or Vrije Universities page, which ensures greater recognition of your work.
  • It improves output registration (PURE) and output data on

Do you already have an ORCID? Check whether your work is visible on your ORCID profile. If your work is not visible, connect your ORCID to your Scopus ID. See the manual for Amsterdam UMC or Vrije Universiteit on how you can check and connect your ORCID.
Do you not have an ORCID yet?
 Register for one by following the instructions for researchers of Amsterdam UMC or Vrije Universiteit.