Ten PhD students and postdocs receive travel grant from Cancer Center Amsterdam  

Ten PhD students and postdocs from Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Amsterdam have received a travel grant from the center. Thanks to
this grant they are enabled to learn and further develop new research techniques abroad.

PhD students and postdocs could apply for this so-called ‘travel grant’. In order to be considered for the grant, the students
needed to show that the research techniques they want to learn are relevant for their research at the Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Amsterdam. Ten researchers from different departments received the grant. In total, an amount of €25.000 was remitted.

During a period of one to twelve months the researchers will be trained at several institutes abroad, among which University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers (US), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway) or University of Liverpool (UK). They will use the knowledge they acquire during their time abroad for their research at Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Amsterdam, at which they can also teach their colleagues the