Submission of KWF projects - obligatory deadline for pre-applications: May 4 2020

Dear all,

Due to the Corona situation KWF postponed the deadline for the KWF funding program from May 6 2020 to August 12 2020. Because KWF will communicate the result of this call in March 2021, this call is renamed from Call 2020-2 to Call 2021-1.

If your KWF pre-proposal was already approved in February this year, you don’t have to submit your pre-proposal again.

 For new KWF pre-proposals: you can submit the following project types in this round (see attachment for more information on these project types):

·         “Regular” research projects

·         Consortium projects

·         Unique High Risk projects

·         Young Investigator Grants

·         Implementation projects

Obligatory internal KWF procedure

CCA has an obligatory internal evaluation procedure that you should follow before you are allowed to submit your proposal to KWF. Your proposal will be reviewed by the KWF committee and one of your suggested reviewers in an early pre-application stage and a late full proposal stage in order to provide you with feedback to improve the quality of your proposal. Note: if you already submitted a KWF pre-application in a previous round, it is still obligatory to submit a full proposal, so please notify us if you already have an approved KWF pre-application.  

From this round on, we have a joint KWF procedure for both location AMC and VUmc. This means that all KWF pre-applications and full proposals will be evaluated by a joint KWF committee with members from both locations.

Timelines of the obligatory internal procedure for KWF proposals:

May 4 2020 at 23.59: Deadline pre-application
End of May 2020: Feedback reviewers and advice regarding writing of a full proposal
will be received by the applicant
Beginning of July :
Deadline full proposals
Beginning of August: Feedback reviewers and advice regarding submission full proposal to
KWF will be received by the applicant
August 12 2020 at 12.00: Formal KWF deadline

Please use the attached KWF preproposal format for submission of your pre-application to on May 4 2020 at 23.59.