Rik Olde Engberink receives Dutch Kidney Foundation grant

Dr. Rik Olde Engberink (Internal Medicine – Nephrology, AMC) has been awarded a ‘PhD student grant’ from the Dutch Kidney Foundation. He receives 260,000 euros to investigate how sodium intake can be estimated with minimal patient burden. Chronic kidney disease patients often collect 24-hour urine for estimation of sodium intake but this method has been proven to be inaccurate due to weekly rhythms of sodium retention and excretion. He will explore new urine-based methods for estimation of sodium intake and relate these estimates to long-term cardiovascular and renal outcome.

Rik Olde Engerbink also received a clinical scientist Dekkerbeurs from the Dutch Heart Foundation for his project about a new treatment target for heart failure: nonosmotic sodium storage. For more information, click here.