Open for submission: CCA call 2020

Dear CCA researcher,

Despite the difficult situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the board of Cancer Center Amsterdam is pleased to announce the CCA call 2020: Connecting Cancer Care and Research. After the success of last year, the CCA call is open for both the AMC and VUmc locations. This grant is made available through the fundraising activities of Cancer Center Amsterdam Foundation. Amsterdam UMC projects related to cancer research can be submitted, including translational, clinical, and quality of life projects. The main goal this year is to fund innovative high-risk research projects that generate data for a larger grant proposal for KWF, ZonMw etc. Furthermore, like last year we want to encourage collaboration between location AMC and VUmc.

With this grant we will support innovative projects with high potential that are not ready to submit for funding elsewhere.

A detailed description, including the conditions of the call and the pre-proposal form can be found in the attachment. Read the conditions for the CCA call carefully, there are changes compared to last year’s procedure.

Due to the Corona situation we decided to set the data for submission of pre-proposals at the end of the summer, after the official KWF deadline of August 12. Because the decision about the CCA projects must be made at the end of November, this implies that the time to extend pre-proposals to a full project proposals is shorter than normal, about a month. So please take this into account when applying for a CCA grant.

Important dates for CCA 2020 call:

Deadline pre-proposals: Monday, August 24th, 23.59 hrs

Deadline complete project proposals: Sunday, October 18th, 23.59 hrs