Liffert Vogt is awarded with a Senior Kolff grant of the Dutch Kidney Foundation.

Liffert Vogt (Nephrology Amsterdam UMC) is awarded with a Senior Kolff grant (350 kE) of the Dutch Kidney Foundation. The title of the project is: Changing the sodium homeostasis paradigm: the role of macrophages and glycosaminoglycan crosstalk in salt sensitivity.

This prestigious personal grant allows Liffert Vogt to study new mechanisms by which high salt intake leads to high blood pressure and excessive cardiovascular risk. Until recently it was thought that high sodium has deleterious effects on cardiovascular health by inducing volume overload. His group and others uncovered that this classical view needs revision. Not volume expansion, but non-osmotic storage of excessive sodium in the interstitial space, subsequent macrophage activation and alterations in the microvasculature are pivotal for high salt intake-induced blood pressure elevations. These determinants will be studied in the population (HELIUS), type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney disease patients, and animal models for hypertension.