Launch of the National Survey on Research Integrity (NSRI) in October 2020

The National Survey on Research Integrity (NSRI) will be launched nation-wide in October 2020. The NSRI will be conducted by a research group led by prof. dr. Lex Bouter and is funded by ZonMw.

The NSRI calls on all academic researchers of the participating Dutch universities, from PhD students to full professors, to share their experiences and views on research integrity. The survey addresses a broad range of topical issues such as open science practices, competitiveness, trust in published findings, work pressure, questionable and responsible research practices.

VU Amsterdam and Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc encourage researchers to participate in the NSRI. The findings of the NSRI will give information about what researchers believe is going well, what can be improved, and potential ways to realize desired changes. Only with a high response can optimally be understood the issues that need attention in order to foster a stronger research community focused on responsible conduct of research.

The NSRI researchers will receive answers without any individual link to the sender. See the NSRI privacy statement for more information.

Launch symposium

A launch symposium will be held on 15 October 2020 to kick off the NSRI. As this is a topic impacting us all, the symposium aims to open up the discussion to all researchers on responsible research practices in an interactive way. Find out more and register here.