Last Online Immunometabolism Seminars on Wednesday May 27 by Mihai Netea and Niels Riksen;

Dear all,

Friday November 13th, 2020 is the new (provisional) date for the ImmunoMetNet symposium that we cancelled earlier this year.

To provide you your weekly shot of immunometabolism, we started the Online Immunometabolism Seminars right after the lockdown on April 1st.

Next week Wednesday May 27th at 4 pm we will close the Online Immunometabolism Seminar series with a double presentation by Mihai Netea and Niels Riksen from Radboud UMC (Nijmegen, NL) who will talk about ”The double-edged sword of trained immunity”.

We hope you enjoyed the previous seminars and hope you will all join us for the last time next Wednesday.

Good news for those who missed the previous presentation since all speakers agreed to record their presentation and make it available for future watching. So make make sure to visit to access the recordings of all previous Online Immunometabolism seminars by Luke O’neill, David Finlay, Giuseppe Matarese, David Ferrick, Annie Curtis, Jonathan Powell, Hanrui Zhang and Liwu Li.

Also keep following @immunometnet and @immunometlab on Twitter for future updates on the symposium and other immunometabolism-related content.