Judith Vloothuis wins Outstanding Paper Award

At April 9th Judith Vloothuis, rehabilitation physician and doctoral candidate in Reade, was presented the outstanding paper award 2020 of Amsterdam Movement sciences in an online meeting. The award was granted for the paper ‘Caregiver-mediated exercises with e-health support for early supported discharge after stroke (CARE4STROKE): a randomized controlled trial. This paper was published in PlosOne in April 2019.  The (cost-)effectiveness of the CARE4STROKE program is studied in two rehabilitation centres and seven nursing homes. The program provided 19 hours of extra exercise time in eight weeks, without an increase in costs. Interviews showed that patient and caregivers thought that exercising together was a good preparation for being at home. They both knew better what the patient could and could not do. At this moment the exercise program is further studied using telerehabilitation in the home situation, together with Roessingh rehabilitation centre in the ARMED4STROKE study. Link to the paper.