Invitation for the KWF dialogue session 'research funding'

Dear CCA researchers,

KWF invites you to the KWF dialogue session on December 16, 14.00-16.30 at location VUmc, De Waver, ZH -1 C 118.17. This session is very interesting for all oncological researchers, clinicians and others.

Please find below more information about the program and the time schedule.

Please register yourself by sending an email to: Gitta Kuipers.

KWF Research funding
Collaborating on new keystone initiatives

In which way(s) can KWF provide optimal support to oncological research and care? How can we maximize impact on our investments? These questions are pivotal in Ambition 2030: the vision that KWF developed in close cooperation with stakeholders in the oncological field.

Dialogue sessions
This fall, we will facilitate dialogue sessions to present this vision and receive feedback. We will visit 9 research institutes across the country. The dialogue sessions will cover these topics:
- 9 new keystone initiatives;
- guidelines for writing research grants;
- changes in our funding conditions.

Every dialogue session will be visited by a delegation of KWF programme coordinators. They are available for further questions after the sessions. The dialogue sessions are highly recommendable for researchers, as well as clinicians, pharmacists and other ‘research-minded’ colleagues.

14.00-14.15: Doors open, walk-in
14.15-15.00: Ambition 2030 explained
From research call to implementation
15.00-15.15: Coffee break
15.15-16.00 New funding conditions
Collaborating: now and in the future
16.00-16.30 Discussion (30 min.)