First CCA oncology course successful

On the 9th of July fifty PhD students and clinical fellows gathered to participate in the first 'Oncology course' of the CCA. During a five-day, intensive program, all eight CCA themes were discussed. Aim of these five days; to lay a solid oncological basis, from basic cancer biology to oncological care.

On each course day, two CCA themes were discussed on the basis of presentations given by staff from various program groups, followed by lively and interactive discussions. Some examples of presentations: Lucas Stalpers (AMC) extensively talked about the latest developments in the field of radiotherapy, Sarah Derks (VUmc) gave a presentation on immunotherapy and Ruud Brakenhoff (VUmc) talked about the identification of drug targets through cancer genomics.

In addition, participants were asked to do a scientific literature study on a specific tumor type, and also to present their results. At the end of the week, a theme broad overview of the current state of affairs in the field of cancer research was given for various tumors. Besides the hard work there was also some time to relax: After the first day, and under the enthusiastic leadership of Victor Thijssen, teams battled for eternal glory during the Oncology Course Pub Quiz.

One of the participants about the course: “I have quite a thorough background from my studies. However, it was nice to brush up on the wide array of topics involved in oncology, and hear about new developments in the field.” Henk Verheul, director of the scientific institute Cancer Center Amsterdam: "We had put together quite a tough program, but it was good to see that all participants made a big effort and gave good and interesting presentations. Apart from the substantive oncology knowledge gained by our PhDs and fellows, I hope that they also had the opportunity to get to know each other better, so that they can make use of each other's expertise also in the future."