EU funding to enhance performance accountability for the Irish health system

The department of Public Health at the AMC has been awarded EU funding to contribute towards an improved capacity of the Irish government (Department of Health of Ireland and the Health Service Executive) to analyse quality, patient safety, effectiveness, efficiency, accessibility and overall performance of the Irish health system.

The project will run till Spring 2021 and specifically aims 1) to provide a framework for health system performance assessment with a method for the collection, collation and analysis of robust health outcomes data around key performance indicators in the Irish health system; 2) to provide modules within the health system performance assessment framework with measurable and quantifiable outcome-based indictors that are linked to relevant health policies and strategies, enabling the integration of policy and reforms into a broader view of performance; and 3)  to enhance the capacity of the Irish authorities to produce their first Health System Performance Assessment report.

The work is led by Dr. Dionne Kringos and performed in close collaboration with the Structural Reform Support Service of the European Commission and all PhD fellows active in the European Training Network for Healthcare Performance Intelligence Professionals.