CCA retreat 2018: Do not panic! - Pictures!

Last Thursday and Friday, over 400 AMC and VUmc basic and clinical researchers participated in the annual Cancer Center Amsterdam retreat at the Leeuwenhorst conference center in Noordwijkerhout. During these two days, the participants informed each other of their latest achievements in cancer research. The retreat was opened by comedian Micha Wertheim who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2002. His very personal story about sometimes confronting, painful, but also hilarious experiences with specialists and their 'do not panic' credo could count on multiple laughs from the audience.
Three internationally recognized top researchers gave a keynote presentation: Dr. Andrew Bottomley from Brussels made a plea for including ‘quality of life' measures in all clinical trials, Prof. dr. Max Mazzone from Leuven spoke about his work published in Science on the modulation of inflammation and immunity in cancer and Prof. dr. Bernhard Küster from Munich presented his research into clinical kinase inhibitor drugs. Also, 54 PhDs and post doc researchers presented their work during the various parallel sessions of the three CCA program groups. On Friday, Remco Molenaar received the PhD thesis award for his research about 'personalized medicine' and Bas Koster was the lucky winner of the publication award for his research about melanomas published in Clinical Cancer Research last year.
In addition, led by Henk Verheul and Jan Paul Medema, scientific directors of CCA, the future and challenges for the (to be merged) Cancer Center Amsterdam were discussed among the participants. This resulted in an interesting and lively discussion. Of course there was also enough time to catch up with each other, either during dinner or on the dance floor with a mix of 'golden oldies' and today’s hits. We look forward to next year's retreat!

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