CCA researchers receive almost a quarter of awarded KWF grants

Nine CCA researchers were awarded a grant in the last KWF round. More than € 22 million was awarded of which approx. € 5 million is going to CCA researchers; 6 at location AMC and 3 at location VUmc. An overview of the awarded projects:

  • Hanneke van Laarhoven conducts research into multimodal interventions for spiritual care of advanced cancer patients (more than € 510,000), location AMC.
  • Inge Henselmans looks into the insight advanced cancer patients have into their prognosis (over € 478,000), location AMC.
  • Ronald Oude Elferink conducts basic research into suppressing tumors via 'soluble adenylyl cyclase' (over € 166,000), location AMC.
  • Jeroen Guikema investigates therapies for multiple myeloma (more than € 584.00), location AMC.
  • Coen Rasch studies the risk of complications to the eye in radiotherapy for head and neck cancer (over € 540,000), location AMC.
  • Pieter Tanis investigates the use of look surgery in colon cancer for the early detection of peritoneal metastases (over € 593,000), location AMC.
  • Arjan Griffioen conducts research into immunotherapy aimed at preventing blood vessel growth in tumors (over € 781,000), location VUmc.
  • Josée Zijlstra investigates the predictive value of image therapy for the best treatment strategy in lymph gland cancer (over € 533,000), location VUmc.
  • Saskia Duijts develops a labor participation program tailored for cancer patients, with support for their partners (over € 626,000), location VUmc