Amsterdam Neuroscience MAGAZINE (2019 edition) online!

This Amsterdam Neuroscience MAGAZINE is to celebrate the achievements and hard work of our investigators and colleagues. In the first edition you will find eight in-depth interviews and eight short profiles of prominent senior and junior investigators, interviewed by science journalist Marieke Buijs, and portraited by photographer Bas Uterwijk, in a way that illustrates the exciting neuroscience research community in Amsterdam.

We believe that Amsterdam Neuroscience provides common ground for clinicians and basic scientists in the neuroscience field in the Amsterdam area. The institute helps to showcase and support excellent and outstanding neuroscience research resulting in great papers and important societal impact. In the first three years, researchers of the Amsterdam Neuroscience community of investigators have published more than 3,600 peer-reviewed papers and have acquired more than €120 million in research funding. This has led to ground-breaking clinical trials, translation and major innovation within our nine research programmes that are, at times, world-leading. We have also provided an excellent graduate training environment for the 500-plus PhD students currently embedded in Amsterdam Neuroscience.

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Arjen Brussaard – director
Diederik van de Beek – co-director