Alternative dosing regimen cancer drug Sunitinib is safe and well tolerated

Anti-cancer medicines are being developed in a specific dosing schedule. Although much research has been done before a certain dosing regimen is applied in daily clinical practice, there are often still opportunities to further optimize the administration schedule. This is specifically the case for cancer drugs. At the Department of Medical Oncology of Amsterdam UMC, it has been investigated whether the administration schedule of Sunitinib, a medicine that is approved for the treatment of kidney tumors and thyroid tumors, can be improved so that it can also be used against other tumor types. Sunitinib is a tablet-based medicine that was developed based on the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinhibiting the blood vessels of tumors, thereby inhibiting tumor growth. At higher concentrations it seems that the growth of tumor cells can be stopped immediately. In a recently published study in leading journal The Journal of Clinical Oncology, an alternative dosing regimen was investigated in nearly 70 patients with cancer for whom no treatment was available. The study shows that the alternative way of administration is safe and well tolerated. In addition, several patients clearly benefited from this way of treatment. Given these promising results, this alternative scheme is now being investigated in patients with brain tumors and colon cancer. The researchers believe that this way of administering this medication could benefit not only for these patient groups, but also for more patients. This will require further research.

For more information about the results of this study, please contact Sophie Gerritse or Prof. dr. Henk Verheul.