A flying start for Visiting Professor Cornelis Murre

Professor Cornelis Murre got off to a flying start, honoring his title as Visiting Professor. At the invitation of Bart Westerman (Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc), Nicolas Leveille and Louis Vermeulen (both Amsterdam UMC, location AMC), Cornelis Murre attached his name to Cancer Center Amsterdam for two years. This summer, from origin Dutch, Cornelis Murre came over from the University of California in San Diego for two months, to give several presentations and lectures. This included the well-attended functional genomics course that will be repeated in 2019, and an inspiring CCA seminar.

 During the two years that Murre is appointed Visiting Professor he will study intercellular heterogeneity in glioma and colorectal tumors, in collaboration with CCA researchers. His expertise in the complex regulation processes that play a role in the construction of the hematopoetic system is essential. Also, one of his PhD students, Fleur Cornelissen has started on the project 'Uncovering the relation between chromatin conformation and therapy resistance in glioblastoma'. Fleur her work base will be within the CCA, but she will carry out most of her experimental work in San Diego.