7 ACS Out of the Box grants awarded

7 projects were awarded an ACS Out of the Box (OOTB) grant. This grant, worth €25.000, stimulates collaboration between location AMC and VUmc researchers and should be used to strengthen a future grant application. The following projects, in which location AMC and VUmc researchers participate, were awarded:

Bianca Brundel & Riekelt Houtkooper - Staging of clinical atrial fibrillation: metabolomics as diagnostic tool?

Elga de Vries & Carlie de Vries - Four and a half lim domain 2 (fhl2) regulates vascular barrier function in aorta and brain microvasculature

Ed Eringa & Jeffrey Kroon - Get to the heart of the matter: mapping metabolic reprogramming in valvular interstitial cells in order
to combat aortic valve stenosis

Peter Hordijk & Ed van Bavel - Endothelial-cardiomyocyte communication through electrical coupling

Arjan Houweling & Vivian de Waard - Unravelling modifier genes responsible for variable clinical presentation of aortic complications in marfan syndrome

Mathilde Rivaud, Veronique Meijborg & Paul Wijnker - Effects of modifying electrical diastole on diastolic function

Eliane Wenstedt, Liffert Vogt, Niels Heemskerk en Jan van den Bossche - Does salt consumption drive leukocyte infiltration in humans