Five million euro funding from KWF for Cancer Center Amsterdam researchers

 Five million euro funding from KWF for Cancer Center Amsterdam researchers

Two Amsterdam UMC researchers were surprised by KWF with a check of more than a half million euro for their research projects.  KWF granted almost 27 million euro for cancer research in The Netherlands, of which Amsterdam UMC receives almost 5 million euro for 9 research projects. Because of this kind of funding we can perform (sometimes groundbreaking) research on cancer.

In this video (Dutch spoken) you can see how surprised and excited Irma van Dijk and Linda Douw are with the grant for their research.

Our granted research

Research projects

  • Petra Kok: Optimization of pancreatic cancer treatment using chemotherapy and hyperthermia
  • Desirée van den Bongard: One-time radiotherapy for breast cancer: high precision partial breast radiotherapy prior to breast conserving surgery (ABLATIVE-2 study)
  • Angela de Boer:  Individual placement and support for unemployed and work disabled cancer survivors
  • Irma van Dijk: Reduction of organ motion during radiotherapy by non-invasive mechanical
  • ventilation supported breathing control
  • Adriaan Bins: eCRIMI: a safety and quality of life study of chemoradiotherapy, in combination with immunotherapy in patients with localized bladder cancer
  • Tuna Mutis: Targeting Acute Myeloid Leukaemia Stem Cells with Dual (split) Chimeric
  • Antigen Receptor (CAR)-engineered T-cells
  • Linda Douw: GOALS2: Glioblastoma brOAdband power as Longitudinal biomarker for tumor progreSsion

Young investigator grant

  • Niels Heemskerk: Targeting tumour vessels to improve leukocyte trafficking for immunotherapy

Unique high risk project

  • Judy van Beijnum: AngioCAR – Chimeric antigen receptor T-cells for targeting solid tumors through the vasculature

Increase possibilities for patients with cancer
Within Amsterdam UMC, patients, clinicians and/or researchers have access to the latest insights and developments in the field. Therapy is improved by our scientific research. Cancer Center Amsterdam develops and implements new therapies for patients with cancer.

Overview of all KWF projects
KWF granted in total almost 27 million euro for 51 research projects from 14 different institutes. Read more on: about the other research projects.