Amsterdam UMC Research & COVID-19

As for many other organizations, the Coronavirus outbreak has profoundly affected daily practice of Amsterdam UMC personnel in a relatively short time period. However, the many promising initiatives taken by our personnel show enormous adaptive power, creativity and perseverance.

Not only the doctors, nurses and supporting staff worked around the clock to provide the best care for the patients. Also the researchers have joined forces to battle COVID-19 as quick as possible. The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of collaboration and innovation, especially when it comes to the resilience of our health care system. Currently, more than 100 COVID-19 studies have been reported within Amsterdam UMC, involving a variety of disciplines and ranging from clinical intervention studies, to biobank studies, to observational and data studies. A selection of these studies is featured on The scientific output that Amsterdam UMC researchers have published so far can be found here (NIH iSearch generates and visualizes publications less properly in IE and MS Edge browsers).

To enhance the collaboration needed to provide answers to the COVID-19 outbreak and to take full advantage of the opportunities that exist now (both externally and internally), five COVID-19 expert groups have been set up around the infrastructure of COVID-19 research, which report to the overarching COVID-19 Task Force. More information about the ad hoc organization and support around COVID-19 research for Amsterdam UMC researchers can be found on Tulp intranet.