Summer School “Doctors and lawyers dealing with death and dying”
03-07-2017 09:00 07-07-2017 17:00 Rotterdam

Summer School “Doctors and lawyers dealing with death and dying”

The international summer school “Doctors and lawyers dealing with death and dying” will be hosted by the Erasmus School of Law in collaboration with the department of Public Health of the Erasmus Medical Center (Erasmus MC) in July 2017 in Rotterdam.

The aim of this multi-disciplinary course is to broaden the knowledge of PhD students with regard to various legal, ethical, and medical challenges in decision making at the end of life. They will gain an understanding of the Termination of Life on Request and Assisted Suicide (Review Procedures) Act of 2002, as well as of the practice of end-of-life care and decision making in the Netherlands, and outside of the Netherlands. In addition, students will be taught to reflect on these complicated matters, and to form an argument- and fact-based opinion on end-of-life issues.

We have invited Dutch as well as international experts in the field of law, medicine, and ethics to take part in our summer school, which will take place from Monday the 3rd until Friday the 7th of July in Rotterdam.

More information about the course can be found on the Rotterdam Summer School website >>