Online Executive Career Coaching 2019 for PhD candidates
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Online Executive Career Coaching 2019 for PhD candidates

This year Vu Amsterdam is offering Online Executive Coaching for ALL PhDs! (Dutch and International)

Your success is one of their key values and the VU is proud to be able to offer a unique and top-rated executive coaching opportunity for PhD Students in partnership with Experiential Insight based in San Francisco. As you know, executive coaching is not typically available to non-executive populations, therefore this is a unique opportunity to develop into a leader.

In order to help you accelerate your career and overall success regardless of whether you plan to be a researcher or step into the corporate world, we are offering you access to the top Executive Coaches in the world who coach a range of clients - from game changing entrepreneurs, to managers leading mid-sized disruptors, to executives from corporate giants who are changing the world.


The following Coaching Tracks will be offered:



•             Session 1: Time for a selfie

•             Session 2: What does your personal brand say about you?

•             Session 3: Bringing an entrepreneurial mindset

•             Session 4: Sop dreaming start realizing

•             Session 5: Designing your lifestyle career

•             Session 6: Creating real impact



•             Session 1: Reimagining the new you

•             Session 2: Designing your career

•             Session 3: A different lens to the interview

•             Session 4: The 4 second resume / CV skim

•             Session 5: Rethinking the monstrous job search

•             Session 6: Negotiating: be in it to win it


The sessions will be one hour per week (Wednesday 10.00-11.00) for 6 weeks, starting April 3rd and ending May 8th.


For registrations there are two links:



Please make sure to register on BOTH pages! We are sorry for the inconvenience.

For possibility of reimbursements as part of your PhD training, please inquire your graduate schools or supervisors.