Dutch Symposium: Verklaringen voor sociaaleconomische ongelijkheden in gezondheid: recent onderzoek en aanbevelingen voor beleid
16-10-2020 13:00 16-10-2020 17:00 Zoom

In this symposium the main subject discussed is how policy and interventions can interfere on the big social-economic health differences which are still present. How can scientic research help to solve this issue.


  • The participants will learn about the recent emperical research in the field of social-economic health differences in the Netherlands and they will think along about how the explanations for those differences have changed in the past decennia.
  • The participants think along about the meaning of the results of the recent studies and interventions for future policy and effective interventions.

Participation is free and to register please send an email to Silvia Klokgieters (s.klokgieters@amsterdamumc.nl)

More information (in Dutch) about the symposium, the program and the speakers>>